Laboratory Relocation

Single point laboratory relocation solutions

Single Point Solutions

We understand the complexities associated with laboratory relocation, which is why we provide our clients a true single point solution.

With over 90 years of experience, our dedicated team is here to help in every aspect of your relocation whether it’s locally, nationally, or internationally. We offer complete project management, electrical and mechanical services, warehousing and transportation, HAZMAT services, and much more. Speed, safety, efficiency, and minimal business downtime are at the forefront of every relocation we manage.

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Project Management

The project managers at Corrigan Workplace Solutions minimize downtime and bring true cost savings to your organization or institution. Throughout your relocation, our team will stand by your side owning each detail of your laboratory relocation, guiding it to a successful, on-time completion.

  • Project Planning & Design

    We thoroughly outline each step of your relocation in a custom project plan, carefully account for any potential challenges and plan for every possible contingency. Plus, with real time milestone updates, changes, and goal attainment available via our web-based project planning system, your relocation team will be in the know 24/7.

  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

    Our promise to you is punctual project delivery for all in-house services as well as managed partner and vendor services. This guarantee is built on key deliverables developed and agreed upon with your relocation team during the project planning phase. All deliverables will be solidified in writing and financial compensation outlined for any shortfalls—showcasing a true commitment to exceptional laboratory relocation!

  • Space & Asset Decommissioning

    Once your laboratory relocation has concluded, our renewal and decommissioning experts are at your disposal to assist with any lease-end requirements. We are capable of managing space restoration, liquidation, salvage, resale, technology recycling, and more.

  • Real Time Project Auditing

    Throughout the life of your laboratory relocation, our industry leading project management system will provide audits and budget projections in real time—automatically sending reports to key members of your relocation team.

  • Budget Development & Management

    We work side-by-side with your financial department to create a relocation budget that maximizes your return on investment. The Corrigan Workplace Solutions project management team will manage your budget from the start all the way through final billing.

Electrical & Mechanical

From the start, electrical and mechanical professionals are at your disposal to assist with streamlining your relocation process. Our electrical experts meet rigorous quality assurance standards, are fully certified, and bring years of experience to your laboratory relocation.

  • High Voltage Electrical

    Local and national alliances allow our team to successfully manage any high voltage electrical project—from new build projects to minor installations and repairs. Our team brings the highest level of safety and energy efficiency of your new laboratory space—all while giving special consideration to future needs and expected growth.

  • Mechanical Services

    The professional mechanical service providers supplied by our team specialize in serving the commercial laboratory industry. We are here to assist you with the installation and long-term management of laboratory HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and plumbing systems of your new laboratory space.

  • Electronic Disconnect & Reconnect

    Through continuous collaboration with your IT professionals we can provide any disconnect or reconnect services necessary for your laboratory relocation. Disconnect services include the labeling, disconnection, and preparation of your phones, computers, printers, and other sensitive electronic equipment. At your new location, reconnect services include the placement, reattachment, and installation of any new or existing equipment. Our team can provide full functional testing of devices and hard drive remapping as needed.

  • Data Cabling

    We offer a number of different low voltage cabling services to our laboratory clients. Your project management team will put special consideration into designing the cabling and wiring that is unique to your new laboratory space. Our professional installers collaborate with your organization to complete the installation process in conjunction with your business schedule.

Logistics & Warehousing

Whether your relocation is domestic or international, we have a laboratory warehousing solution to meet your unique needs. All Corrigan warehouses as well as those managed by our partners meet rigorous security standards and use the latest technology—giving you peace of mind and complete control of your assets throughout transit.

  • Packing & Crating

    No one does custom packing and creating better than Corrigan Workplace Solutions. Our team brings the experience and tools necessary to crate any item, of any size, for safe transit anywhere in the world. Each crate is constructed from top-grade lumber and specially designed to withstand the rigors of transportation.


    The HAZMAT transportation experts at Corrigan Workplace Solutions are here to handle every detail of your shipment. We have the ability and certifications necessary to pack as well as ship almost any hazardous materials according to 49 CFR, IMDG and ICAO/IATA regulations. Our partner vendors provide UN certified packaging, detailed inventories (even when full MSDS are not available), and specialized ground transportation that is OSHA, FMC and DOT compliant.

  • Relocation Logistics

    No matter where or when your relocation takes place, our team has the expertise and experience to provide a comprehensive laboratory logistics solution. We maintain service providers both domestically and internationally, allowing us to carefully manage the entire logistics process while offering best in industry pricing.

  • Local & National Network

    We maintain over 250 certified warehousing partners throughout the United States and Caribbean, giving us the resources to manage any of your laboratory warehousing needs—plus our standards and vetting process ensures that only the finest providers in the industry are brought to your relocation. Each warehouse implements strict security standards, is fully climate controlled, and fire protected.

  • Asset Management System

    Our custom built asset management system gives your relocation team robust reporting, real time inventory updates, and allows for the online ordering of additional services. No matter where your destination is, we have the ability to load our asset management system into any of our partner warehouses—giving you complete control of assets throughout the life your relocation.

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